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Mar 15 2021 03:48 AM

Author: Neuro I

Subject: Ischemic Stroke

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 An ischemic stroke occurs when the oxygen-rich blood flowing through the artery to the brain is blocked. Almost 87 per cent of the strokes are ischemic strokes. Blood clots often lead to blockages that ultimately lead to ischemic strokes.
Acute ischemic stroke causes and symptoms require immediate attention. Ischemic strokes are usually caused by a blockage in the arteries supplying. However, a few other reasons are-
● When the blood supply is discontinued to the part of the brain by narrow arteries or blood clot.
● Blood clots formed due to irregular heartbeats such as arrhythmia, heart muscle infection, heart valve problems, hardening of arteries, inflammation of blood vessels, or blood-clotting disorders.
● Hypertension leading to reduced blood flow resulting in blood loss, severe infection, or heart attack.
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Aug 03 2021 01:10 AM

Tanya S

Re: Ischemic Stroke

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