Hearing loss Prevention

According to WHO, Half of all cases of hearing loss can be prevented through primary prevention. Some simple strategies for prevention include:

•  immunizing children against childhood diseases, including measles, meningitis, rubella and mumps;

•  immunizing adolescent girls and women of reproductive age against rubella before pregnancy;

•  screening for and treating syphilis and other infections in pregnant women;

•  improving antenatal and perinatal care, including promotion of safe childbirth;

•  avoiding the use of ototoxic drugs, unless prescribed and monitored by a qualified physician;

•  referring babies with high risk factors (such as those with a family history of deafness, those born with low birth weight, birth asphyxia, jaundice or meningitis) for early assessment of hearing, prompt diagnosis and appropriate management, as required; and

•  reducing exposure (both occupational and recreational) to loud noises by creating awareness, using personal protective devices, and developing and implementing suitable legislation.